We offer a variety of consulting services on all aspects of controlling, fast closing, accounting and ERP optimization.

Despite adverse market conditions, corporations need to be managed successfully. Planning, coordination, and monitoring are not possible without careful controlling. You need accurate figures at a fitting time. Regardless of whether it is for the creation of business cases, financing discussions with banks and investors or timely feedback to react in case of undesirable developments, the needed foundation is always an adequate and properly prepared database and its interpretation.

In general, accounting is an area with lots of potential for optimization. Everyone has experienced the balancing act between accuracy and efficiency. To optimize processes in accounting, we analyse and improve interfaces, bottlenecks, and schedules.

In relation to financial statements (monthly closings, quarterly closings and annual accounts), the greatest potential for optimization lies in speeding up the overall process. Statements, reviews and publications can be accelerated considerably (“Fast Close”).

The benefits are obvious: Management, shareholders, and other stakeholders get the latest figures and key figures faster, which results in a shorter reaction time for investments. As a result, processes are optimized which, among other things, results in a shortening of decision-making processes thereby increasing and improving the overall reaction speed of the company.

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