Our industry experience

In our projects, analyses and reports we regularly engage with the latest developments, trends and current challenges of these industries, especially focusing on the associated problems for companies and their decision-makers. We support a variety of different projects and work from concept to implementation to the fullest satisfaction of our customers.

The everchanging situation in the automotive industry is characterised by uncertainty. The global supply chain is threatened both by impending trade wars and alternative drive technologies. At the same time, expenses for research and development of new technologies are increasing in order to remain competitive and, more specifically, to fend off new competitors from the IT sector. However, these technologies are opening an entirely new chapter in the automotive market: This is particularly evident in the area of ​​autonomous driving – a technology that is probable to have a negative impact on the future sales numbers and will require a major rethink away from the historical business model of automobile manufacturers and their suppliers. Only companies that engage early in this transformation process will assert themselves in the coming decades and will continue to thrive for many years in the new market environment.

Financial Industry 
European banks continue to operate in a very dynamic environment. Firstly, regulatory requirements are increasing and together with the ongoing low-interest phase, are leading to declining margins in the operating business. Secondly, the demands of bank customers are changing, for retail as well as corporate. Young FinTech companies are leading with innovative and cost-effective banking services, while large banks continue to struggle often with legacy IT systems and structures. Increasingly, banks are realising that they need advice to increase their competitiveness in order to cope with all these continuous developments.

Pharmaceutical Industry 
The large pharmaceutical companies are struggling with weak sales growth, falling margins, high competitive pressure and new competition from start-ups that develop new solutions for patients with disruptive ideas. Increasing price sensitivity of customers and strict approval requirements are further challenges that pharmaceutical companies must face. At the same time, the healthcare system has a special responsibility towards payers, service providers, and patients to remain cost effective.

Public sector 
Public sector administration is becoming an increasingly diverse and demanding subject/field. Due to increasing cost pressure and advancing digitalization, public institutions are increasingly facing the same challenges as private companies. At the same time, having to contend with additional issues in connection with demographic changes and a resulting rise in expectations: Citizens today increasingly see themselves as consumers of public services. However, the public sector has access to more data than most private companies. The efficient use of this data combined with modern approaches to planning and controlling, will be essential for mastering the challenges of 21st-century public sector management.

Telecommunications industry 
The complexity and challenges of the telecommunications and media industry are constantly increasing. In addition to price pressure and increased demand for sophisticated services, viable business models must be developed at the same time. It is the backbone of business and society and a dynamic industry that is the driving force of innovation. This is precisely why intelligent solutions for monetization are in demand. 

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