“CRM” is a broad term. While many immediately think of the technical implementation – the CRM system, at Graser Consulting we focus on the consistent and practised orientation of a company towards its customers. Only if CRM is practiced as a corporate culture, can the right approaches and processes be derived and implemented.

CRM Philosophy

Our CRM philosophy

There are different priorities and philosophies which are influenced by the size and business model of a company. These are reflected in the relationship with the customer, but above all else in the design and conception of the CRM activity:

Operational CRM

In our opinion, the operational customer relationship activity is the core area of ​​any CRM. It provides the basis for everyday communication with customers. In addition, most of the data or most of the knowledge is generated here. You or your sales staff should be given the best possible support in their daily work. For example, when it comes to choosing a CRM system, it must be convincing in this area first. Only then can an expansion of the analytical skills, e.g. increasing the data points, be considered.

Analytical CRM

The Analytical CRM carries out analyses based on a company’s customer and transaction data in order to gain important insights. In this way, emigration tendencies and fraud, but also new target group characteristics can be derived from the data. The analytical CRM allows you to better recognize and assess the properties, behaviour, and value-added potential of customers. In most cases, however, we see these skills as the cherry on top of all CRM activities.

Communicative CRM

There are many communication channels these days. It is important to select the appropriate channels and processes based on the overarching strategy and CRM culture. Both the communication and the sales processes must fit the customer type and be practiced with a certain sensitivity for the customer.

Collaborative CRM

As already mentioned, our approach is a company-wide practiced CRM culture. This cannot consist of individual departmental “island solutions”. It is rather characterized by the cooperation of the various internal and external parties. Only in this way can processes be effectively coordinated and information bundled in such a way that added value can be generated for both the customer and the company itself.

Our Services

We support you with our decades of industry experience in the following projects:

  • Overall CRM Strategy
  • Channel Operations
  • Customer Analytics
  • Marketing
  • Product Innovation
  • Sales Force Effectiveness
  • Customer Care

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